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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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it's. my choice. because. this is. coming up on the program. a new visa scheme is meant to ease the country's. election. social media.
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welcome to the program it's good to have you with us from the first of this month japan started accepting foreign walk us into the country to plug a growing labor shortage up to three hundred forty five thousand blue collar workers are expected to be taken in over the next five yeahs as part of this scheme it's a two tier system that allows workers in based on the skills they have but one category of workers can't bring their spouses or children the concerns around the new system reflect off an existing internship system that essentially became a back door to bring foreign workers in that technical training system began in one thousand nine hundred three as a scheme to provide skills training to workers from developing countries but the system has been abused and trainees routinely find themselves at the receiving end
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of ill treatment. of lives cut short and dreams interrupted. around one hundred forty line the altar at this buddhist temple in tokyo lives marked by overwork illness even suicide. now all she can do is pray. but this one has listened to such stories over and over again and her work counseling laborers from her native vietnam what. was in me what the families were so proud of their sons and daughters studying and working in japan they had many hopes instead what they got in the end where there remains their memorial plaques and some photographs. the end up on altars like this back in vietnam going teach young died of meningitis on a farm cooperative earlier this year in japan. her husband's grief almost too much
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to bear. i agreed for her to go because the income is a little higher than in vietnam. i knew that my decision would lead to this i would never have dared let her go to work like that no she's left me and our two little children. so many what ifs what if joan had not gone which she had gotten sick her employer insists she received adequate medical care but her husband believes it was too little too late. and i've lost faith in japan. i thought they respected human rights but i guess i just have to accept it. higher wages lower many vietnamese here to japan its fastest growing group of
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foreign workers many incur debts with recruiters just to get here harsh conditions are common. and tapan hasn't exactly thrown down the welcome mat the new visa program caps most jobs at five years very few are allowed to bring family members. some quit and give up but with all they sacrifice to come it's not an easy choice. i've worked here for four years and i'm used to my life now so things are ok but work is still pretty difficult. or hit by the question i am. sure to think many struggling nursing homes train foreign workers on how to carry a the work but merely see them as temporary laborers these chaney's can distinguish between good and bad workplaces and consequently they will not stay with such facilities for long but it was you know. back at the buddhist temple
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a special service that in vietnamese. guest workers praying together for comfort. often loose if outsiders in a foreign land. for more let's bring in the japan director of human rights watch she joins us now restored thank you so much for joining us now the technical trainee scheme has been abused in the past by employers in japan do you have reasons to believe that the new visa system introduced for foreign workers will be any better. yes i think so and i hope so i don't know whether it would improve the situation dramatically but there is a hope the reason is because in the scheme of taken to take an intern trainees
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trainees were not allowed to change employers so dead tight to their employers they even if they are abused they couldn't you know speak out in the fear that if they are. fired they have to go back to their home country. however this new specific skilled would allow allow workers to change their employ employers within the specific skills they are allowed to stay in japan so this is the most important change however however other conditions remain the same so we have to wait and see if there are there abuses would dramatically. are a good we have to i mean the japanese government needs to support the workers that they can actually exercise their right to change employers in terms of genuine employers but i just want to go back to the mention of abuse but you talked about
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is there going to be more oversight over brawlers under the new visa conditions that have been brought to. in terms of oversight i don't think i think there are other conditions remain same or. in terms of the scheme maybe less oversight. because the work crews and interns in terms of their i mean system it's very different in trends in a more volatile schemes so the government's scheme is that they have to be monitored more closely however i think that their government oversight has been really weak so it's much better if trainee trainees or workers have their own freedom to choose their employers so i think that they knew either system had better hope for less abuse just briefly my last question if you can manage it as a sort on so japan is expecting up to two hundred forty five thousand blue collar
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workers over the next five years is just the new society ready to welcome this influx of foreigners unfortunately i don't think so we don't have any untie discrimination law in terms of race or ethnicity so that's the very basic will be a lucky thing and then there's a lady a little culture to accept for and what gets so we can use to have a lot of you know reforms in order to help them integrate it into their society thank you very much for speaking to us country doing director of human rights watch in japan speaking to us from tokyo thank you so much. to india now which is one of the biggest markets in the world for social media platforms such as facebook whatsapp and twitter and now this market is going to the polls voting in the general election it begins on thursday and political parties have already been using social media for campaigning but it's not as straightforward as that like
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elsewhere in the world these platforms aren't immune to the menace of fake news but election season on there's plenty of the. russian spends at least two hours a day going through election news on social media the shopkeeper says he almost always believes what he sees. when i watch news obviously consider it to be true. news is popular in india how can i think it's false. it's a view that sums up a growing problem in india technology experts say many users aren't able to identify this information on the internet. or just because it's one of its. prime minister modi speaking a p party and the opposition congress party sent messages to millions of followers on social media but the user base is eager market for and verified content critical of
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politicians. india has three hundred million facebook uses than any other country in the world meaning fake it has the potential to spread like wildfire. india's election committee has no two to facebook to tighten its oversight. one of the things that i've learned through working on election integrity is that it is an adversarial space what that means is that we will always see it up tension we will always see new threats a much despite efforts by the social media giant well before the election commission to things fake news could have a big impact at the ballot box. the prevention of mischief. you know subversion all through. the process of election. social media is in the senate and in certain constituencies it's
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a very significant role and might be used to determine the outcome of their lives. and to follow up from that is just as unpredictable as the indian election itself. so just how effective have the measures been to contain and what sort of an impact would it have on this election four more years do correspondent. india's next government may well be chosen online internet penetration of the country has exploded something last election specially in rural areas smartphone use such as gone up by nearly three times reaching for fifty million people if the election commission has taken north of this monitoring each candidate's online behavior on platforms such as facebook and twitter however this is no easy task as while the candidate can be here rel on his or her own handles they could also be using proxies to put out content that has not met the election commission's
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approval whatsapp also provides another challenge what soft largest base is actually in india of close to two hundred million uses it can be a source of fake news and why whatsapp itself has tried to put out tip lines and fight through more mongering the end to end encryption makes it very hard to monitor for the election commission. they'd have no correspondent michelle just well that reporting from delhi. will be bringing you in-depth coverage of the indian elections for the next one month on t.v. online and social media head over to our website get up about asia and be sure to check us out on facebook as well. with india as the final preparations for the opening of. the wilds biggest ever election.
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chain reaction of us. began around six hundred years ago in the renaissance the revolution in fact. that people became aware of their abilities in strengths and in a way. there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mentioned the first.
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because to me. the renaissance time. w. . the most profitable company in the world tickles the interest of international investors energy giant saudi aramco a track record demanded of. what happened to all those critics of saudi arabia. china tries to find more friends in europe hoping to deepen trade ties with time. and even discuss another break suppose phone meant to show you why people in a small french town are hoping just that. it's true business
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the world's largest oil conglomerate saudi aramco has raised twelve billion dollars with its first international bond issue high demand is seen as a good sign for a planned initial public offering but the company has delayed several times now it is currently planned for next year according to crown prince mohammed bin. who oversees business at saudi aramco he and his country have come under fire following the murder of saudi journalist. but investors appear to be looking past that and a focusing on profits again. let's bring in now correspondent in frankfurt who's following this story very closely first of all just clarify for me if investors are suddenly turning a blind eye or have suddenly forgotten all.


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